Vertas is the fastest growing caterer
in the Eastern region.

We provide bespoke Catering services to primary, academy, senior, independent, free schools and colleges, as well as commercial sites and regional hospitality events and functions.

At Vertas we are passionate about healthy, fresh, local, ingredients; cooked by qualified, professional staff that looks and tastes great. We understand that the nutritional choices available to our customers are crucial to their health, growth, concentration and development. Whether it is their ability to learn at school or their concentration at work good nutrition is essential.

Our Food Philosophy

Passionate about food – local seasonal ingredients for fresh food made from scratch traceable from farm to fork.

Partnership Ethos – teams are supported by a great local management team, our frontline staff form part of your team, they come from your community, supporting your local vision and the region's economy.

Success From Integrity – What we say we will do, we do!

We currently provide a variety of catering services to:

  • Corporate offices
  • Norwich
  • The Pier at Southend
  • Health and care settings
  • High schools and Colleges
  • Primary schools
  • Including our Caraway hospitality service

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